Jees Augustine

Jees Augustine

I was an ordinary person who studied hard. There's no miracle people! - Richard P. Feynman

I am a 5th year Ph.D. candidate at The University of Texas at Arlington

My Ph.D. Advisor is Dr. Gautam Das

My Erdös Number is : 3

[VLDB 2020] Our work "Orca-SR: A Real-Time Traffic Engineering Framework leveraging Similarity Joins" has been accepted to PVLDB demonstration Track!!

[SIGMOD, 2020 Accepted] Our work "Deep Learning Models for Selectivity Estimation of Multi-Attribute Queries" is accepted to SIGMOD !!   --Paper--

[VLDB Journal 2020] Extended vesion(Invited) of our 2018 VLDB paper is now publised as "Scalable algorithms for signal reconstruction by leveraging similarity joins" !!   --Paper--

[ACM SIGMOD Record 2019] Our work on "Efficient Signal Reconstruction for a Broad Range of Applications" has been accepted to the SIGMOD Records !!   --Paper--

2018 ACM SIGMOD Research Highlight Award! - For our work "Leveraging Similarity Joins for Signal Reconstruction" (Awarded to top-5 resarch accross all top Database confernces -SIGMOD - VLDB - PODS - ICDE - EDBT - ICDT - etc. ) & Highlighted as a work likely to have broad appeal across the Computer Science Community !!   Link to Announcement Email

⌘ Computer Science Engineering IAB Endowed Scholarship 2019, by CSE, UTA

⌘ Kelcy Warren Graduate Fellowship for Engineering 2019 ( Awarded to 6 Researchers by College of Engineering, UTA)

⌘ Cyneta Networks Outstanding Teaching Assistant-Graduate 2019 ( Awarded to top Graduate Teaching Assistant in CSE, UTA)

* pVLDB Best Reproducible Research Award 2018 ( First ever pVLDB Reproducibility award) --Link-- *

* Our work 'Leveraging Similarity Joins for Signal Reconstruction' will be featuring in VLDB'19 for its Zero Effort Reproducibility *

* Paper submitted to special issue of VLDB Journal on the best from VLDB'18 *

Our paper 'Leveraging Similarity Joins for Signal Reconstruction' is invited for Best of VLDB'18 Journal (less than 1% of the accepted papers)

VLDB'18 Travel Award to attend the VLDB'18 at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil